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Homeopathy is a branch of Medical Science discovered by Dr Samuel Hahnemann based on the theory of like cures like. Simply put it means a substance that causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy people would cure similar symptoms in sick people (Common Skin Rashes).

The typical difference in homeopathy is that along with patient’s physical symptoms, his mental & emotional symptoms are considered too. Homeopathic medicines being proven in human beings act effectively on emotional and mental symptoms which is a distinguishing factor in treatment.

Besides the dose being in minute quantities and in the form of energy, it does not leave any abnormal reaction or side effects during or after the treatment. Homeopathy does not work on ‘One size fits all’ approach. Every patient is examined differently basis his mental state, case history, habits and symptoms.

The doctor’s perception too is very crucial while dealing with the patients and has to be very careful while taking the case history. Homeopathic treatment is very effective in different ailments and has given outstanding results in curing chronic diseases.

Skincare and cure is one of the practices where homeopathy leaves no scars behind. A thoughtful homeopathic treatment can surely cure skin infections, rashes, psoriasis, irritations, etc. While vaccinations can avoid common skin diseases like chickenpox and measles there are few other important tips which can help prevent many infectious skin diseases.

Ways of preventing skin diseases

  1. Wash your hands with soap quite often
  2. Always carry a Hand Sanitizer which you can use on the go. Washing hands will always be the best choice though.
  3. Use protective gloves while handing chemicals or acids
  4. Do not share personal items such as clothes, blankets, combs, towels etc.
  5. Drink plenty of water
  6. Be careful while selecting your cosmetics. Avoid excessive makeup – let your skin breathe
  7. A balanced diet is a must

Case Study

Patient: – Male

Age: – 102 years

Complaints: – Skin eruption behind knee, elbow folds, itching, constipation and depression

History: – Patient was bed ridden for several months. Thermals like hot. Desire not specific. Aversion not specific. Patient was freedom fighter and mentally strong till he was down with the skin disease. The cold air worsened the patient condition and the patient would cover himself with blanket even in harsh summers. Patient

Considering all the symptoms:– mental, physical and emotional, the patient was given the homeopathic medicine – Psorinum 200. The patient condition monitored on a weekly basis showed very good healing.

Over the period of time the patient was cured completely and above all the same treatment also relieved the patient of his depression. Without leaving any scar of the disease or the treatment the patient was completely rejuvenated.

It should be noted that in homeopathy every patient is a unique challenge for the doctor. Homeopathy works on multiple permutation combinations of physical and emotional attributes of the patient.

Homeopathic medicines should not be taken without the advice of a practitioner – self-medication is a strict No-No in case of any ailments and patient should always see a doctor . Two different people having the same disease can be given different medicines depending on the patient history and mentality.

Skin Allergy | Common Skin Rashes | Prevention & Cure

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